My Work Bag Essentials

I have never been someone to carry a big bag around with me every day. My purses are all pretty small so I bring the bare necessities for when I’m out and about. I used to want to be someone who carried a large bag around with me, but it just wasn’t practical.

Since I’ve started working, I’ve tried carrying a tote, crossbody, etc. and I think I’ve finally figured out the best everyday bag for me! The tote bag was nice, but it just wasn’t practical since I wasn’t carrying a lot of things during my day. My new everyday bag is this Madewell ‘Small Transport Crossbody’, which I got for Christmas from my parents. I love how tiny it is because it keeps me from overstuffing it. I’ve quickly discovered my work bag essentials that make everything easier!

This bag has one pocket on the outside, and one on the inside. The outside one I keep my work badge in for quick access and then my wallet/apartment keys in the inside pocket.

I will say, that this post might seem a little ‘duh’ for you guys since these essentials are pretty basic, but I still thought some of you might benefit from this, like if you’re about to just start working or find yourself always needing something else in your bag!

My Work Bag Essentials

+ Chapstick & Lotion

With this dry weather, my skin has become so incredibly dry. Chapstick and lotion are my two necessities for every. single. day. I slather my body and lips with extra moisture pretty often throughout the day to keep my hands and lips from getting too chapped. (Side not, if you guys have a good facial moisturizer for the winter please let me know! My face has so many dry patches and I’m just not used to them at all)

+ Extra snack

Even though my work has snacks available to us, I can tend to go overboard with them. From goldfish to chips and candy, they sometimes aren’t the most healthy ones. So instead I try to bring a semi-healthy snack with myself to work to keep me from raiding the snack walls. I want to get to a point where I make my own snacks at home and bring them!

+ Glasses

I don’t have the worst eyesight, but I do sit at a computer all day. The glasses I use are from Eye Buy Direct, and they are wonderful! They have a tech lense in them that counteracts the blue from computer screens, phone screens, etc. to help prevent extra strain on your eyes throughout the day.

+ Extra iPhone Charger

I am still on my phone during the day, whether it’s my work to/from work, listening to a podcast at work, or going to the gym after work and I always want to make sure it’s charged! There’s nothing worse than having your phone die during your walk or workout, so I always keep some sort of extra phone charger with me at all times!

  • Ahh you’re so lucky you don’t need to lug around too much for work! I need space in my bag for at least my bullet journal, pens, water bottle, and sometimes, my work laptop!

    • I am very happy I don’t need to! My shoulders are very happy about it 🙂

  • Great list! I’d have to add headphones to mine! It always something I’m so happy to have in my bag when I need it. Plus I like to watch Youtube on my lunch break.
    My husband bought some of the computer glasses last year, since he is an IT guy and looks at a computer all day. He loves them! It’s important to take care of your eyes.

    • Oh yes, definitely need headphones too! I tend to use my headphones at work too so they definitely slipped my mind haha Yes it is!