Au Naturale | Clinique Pop Lipstick

I always struggled with finding a nude lipstick that works for my pale complexion. But over the Easter holiday, I visited the Clinique counter and looked at their Pop Lipsticks. I was originally looking at the pinky shades, but then realized I need another pink lipstick like I needed another hole in my head (haven’t we all been there?). I was then shown the shade Nude Pop, and I fell in love!


The formula of these lipsticks are super creamy! I did though notice you have to exfoliate your lips beforehand. I apply it a couple times to get the color I like, but only because I find my natural lip color to be pretty opaque. The swatch on my hand was I think two!

I definitely want to look at a couple more shades from this range, they’re super hydrating and shiny, you don’t need a lipgloss over! This is one of the only products from Clinique that I’ve tried, but I definitely want to try some more! Recommendations are welcome!!

Love, Kendal

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All About the Brows | Eyebrow Routine


My eyebrows are something that I take very seriously, and I know that sounds silly, but I always make sure they look the best that they can be. I wasn’t like this until recently, when my eyebrows hadn’t been touched in around two months, and I knew I had to fix them. I actually haven’t gotten my eyebrows waxed over two years. For some reason I just wasn’t a fan of it. I found that it was hard to apply my makeup afterwards in the areas around my brows because there was nothing for it to stick to. So, I stopped. I tried eyebrow threading once but found it to be just too painful!

One of my holy grail products are these razors from Sephora, they’re great for removing the hairs around your temples quickly, as well as in between your eyebrows. It’s super easy to use, you just have to be careful. I do this around once a week! Then I just take my Real Techniques brush and smooth down my eyebrows, then take tweezers and pluck any eyebrow hairs that don’t belong. I do this also about once a week. Then I finally fill them in!

I use this double sided EcoTools brush and my NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Brunette and just fill them in! I use the lighter shade once my hair color has lightened up, but the darker in the winter time when it’s darker. I really like this powder, it’s pigmented and comes in numerous colors! After that I just use a clear mascara from Maybelline to set them!

What do you use to maintain and fill in your eyebrows? I really want to try Benefit’s Gimme Brow next!

Love, Kendal

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My Favorite Summer Sandals | Jack Rogers


I have always been a flip flop lover. In Florida, they’re basically a staple to everyone’s wardrobe. But before I started college, and moved to North Carolina, I realized that all of my flip flops had gotten pretty old and gross… let’s be honest. From trips to the beach, theme parks, boating, etc. they got their fair share of sun, water and dirt. That’s when I decided to purchase my first pair of Jack Roger sandals, I had seen people all over wearing them and I decided to join in on the fun.

Now, I will admit, Jack Rogers are a pain to break in, at least for me. I didn’t wear them for months because they killed my feet. But once I finally broke them in, they’re a dream! Because I have them in a nude and white, I can wear them with just about anything! The nude is so pale, it actually matches my skin tone perfectly! I find myself grabbing these instead of my flip flops when it comes to running to the store, the mall, basically anywhere!

I definitely want to purchase another pair of Jacks, maybe like the platinum or even colorful ones! I just don’t want to go through the breaking in process! But I’ve got to sucker it up I guess.

Do you have any pairs of Jack Rogers, or a specific kind of sandal/flip flops that you constantly reach for?

Love, Kendal

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Bye Bye Pores & Shine | Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer


Now I am someone who has tried many, many primers. From silicone based ones, to water based, and everything in between! I’m always looking for one that will help control my face from getting oily throughout the day as well as keep makeup from setting in pores. Cue this Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer! Now that name is a mouthful…

Anywho, while this is a pricy primer, it lasts a long time! It’s not like you use it for a month or two and it’s gone. My first one took around six months to go through, which I don’t think is that bad! This comes in one universal shade, that blends in flawlessly. I first tried this primer out on a cruise ship in their beauty store, and I fell in love! I put a small amount on my hand, and instantly noticed that everything looked a lot smoother. The skin was soft to a touch!

I apply this first before any other makeup product. I let it sit for five or so minutes, and then I go on with the rest of my face product. I get several hours of wear before I need to touch up!

I highly recommend this primer if you’re looking for a high end one that smooths away pores, and even minor imperfections, as well as keeping shine at bay! What is your go to primer?

Love, Kendal

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Faking that Tan | Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


One of my favorite things to do with my makeup lately is contouring. While I am on the extremely pale side, I like just a subtle highlight on myself, or else it looks too fake. This Anastasia Contour Kit in light to medium is one of my favorites for that! I did get this a while ago, but I’ve started using it recently because it seems like everyone is obsessed with being tan and contoured in the summertime.


This palette has several different shades of each. There are three highlighters, two for giving yourself that glow (which I personally use the Becca Cosmetics highlighter for) and one to be used as a more under-the-eye highlight. The three bronzers each have different undertones. I personally like using the middle shade for a contour, and the first and third for an overall bronze!

Now I know recently Sephora came out with numerous different contour kits from different brands, I want to possibly look at the Kat Von D one, but I’m just afraid it’ll be too similar to this one, cause then what’s the point? I think I may just stick with this palette for all my bronzing and contour needs!

What is your go-to contour and bronzing palette or products? I’d love to know!

Love, Kendal

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