Five Things Friday #2

IMG_6798It’s been quite some time now since I did my first Five Things Friday, so I thought I’d share the five current things I’m loving the most! These are a little more geared toward the summertime!

01. Neutrogena Shine Control Powder; I use this powder every single day, especially in the summertime! I carry one in my purse throughout the day for easy touch ups. What I love about it is that it’s translucent, so it doesn’t add any extra color to your face. I also find that it doesn’t get cakey, it actually does the opposite in my opinion. If I feel like my makeup is looking a little cakey I just dust this over real quick and it’s not!

02. Mac Peachykeen Blush; I’ve had this blush forever, and I love using it all year round, but also in the summer! It gives just a perfect amount of color to your cheeks! It does have a little glitter but you can’t even tell.

03. Mirrored Sunglasses; I am a huge sunglasses fan, and I picked these ones up back in December. I wear them all the time! They’re my go-to shades, and I love everything about them! I’ve always wanted a pair of mirrored sun glasses and these ones were perfect!

04. Birkenstocks; These are a little questionable with some of my friends, but I absolutely love my Birks. They are so comfortable and can really be dressed up or down! I wore them the other day with a embellished top from JCrew and black shorts, and it looked adorable!

05. Orange is the New Black; I loved binge watching OITNB last summer when season two came out, and I jumped with joy when Netflix released it early last night! Except, I was watching the NBA game and kept telling myself that I was going to wait to watch it until tomorrow because I’d be up all night if I started it then! I cannot wait to see what this season has in store!


What I Eat in a Day

I thought that since I recently mentioned I’ve started eating healthier, I’d show you guys what I typically eat in a day! Now these things do change day-to-day but I thought I’d give a general idea! This is what I had to eat yesterday, so I did workout in the morning and then went on with my day afterwards!

Breakfast (around 8:30) & After Workout (between 11:30-12:30)


When I wake up in the morning, I’m normally very hungry. But since I was working out, I didn’t want to eat something to large and then feel sick afterwards. Since I was working out at 10, I opted to eat around 8:30 so I had plenty of time for my food to digest properly. I just take a couple scoops of this greek yogurt, pour some granola into it and then chop up a banana to put on top! This is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast!

As an after workout drink, I made a smoothie with spinach, banana, pineapple, chia seeds and protein powder! I love making smoothies for an after workout snack just!

Lunch (around 1:30)


When it comes to lunch, I’m very simple! I love making wraps and just snacking on that, they’re so easy to make! Especially if I’m still winding down from working out. I normally take a shower when I come home and then make this!

Dinner (between 5:30-6:30)


Dinner is always different for me. My parents were gone for the night, so I was on my own! This is a burrito from Trader Joe’s, but don’t be alarmed, it was around three hundred calories I believe! I also threw some broccoli on the plate and then a single serve cup of guacamole! My trainer actually recommended this as a side, and I loved it!

That is basically what I eat during the day! I actually stopped snacking, which is a big thing for me. Also, I just drink a bottle of water with each meal! Hope you guys liked this!!

Love, Kendal

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Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Recently I started getting into the habit of eating healthy and working out. I’ve noticed a significant change in my attitude! Since I started working out and eating healthy, around three weeks go, I really haven’t looked back. I am so happy with the results it’s giving me so far and I cannot wait to see them down the road! I thought I would share some tips that got me in the right mindset and helped jump start this healthier lifestyle.

01. Drink More Water; Now I would say this is probably the most obvious, but I just recently became an avid water drinker myself. Before I was drinking four or five sodas a day, I’m not even kidding. But since I’ve been home from school I’ve started drinking bottles, and bottles of water a day! I use the app Waterlogged to help me keep track of my water intake so I know I’m getting the right amount throughout the day.

02. Join a Gym; Now this may not be an option for everyone, but I still recommend it! I go to the gym that my mom goes to and work out with a trainer there. I’m not saying you need to have a trainer, but maybe get someone at the gym to help you out the first couple days to teach you certain exercises if you don’t know any. Youtube is a great tool for this too, in order to find some exercises.

03. Make a Schedule; I work out three times a week, and I’ve stuck to it since I started! It only takes a couple times to really get into the swing of things. Maybe work out every other day of the week, and then go on a run or walk the days you aren’t (excluding the weekends). You’ll definitely want to work out more when you have a schedule to follow, because you’ll feel bad if you break it (I know I would!).

04. Make a Motivation/Inspiration Board; This is something to give you that extra jump to want to make the jump into a healthier lifestyle. Now, I’m not saying you need to stick pictures of models and stick thin women to them, but more like motivational quotes, and pictures of people working out. I’m not exactly looking to slim down, but more to tone up and actually gain muscle.

05. List Your Goals; As I mentioned in the paragraph above, I’m doing my best to tone up and gain muscle. I wrote down my goals before I started working out, so when I’m a certain length into it I can look back and see if I’m actually getting them done!

I hope you guys liked this little list, I always have to keep reminding myself to stick with it, because while it may be hard right now, it’s all going to pay off in the end!

Love, Kendal

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Fancy Fingers | My Favorite Nail Polishes


During the summer, I really like to branch out with my nail polishes. I change my color about every week! From neons, to bolds, darks and all in between. I thought that this would be the perfect time to show my absolute favorite polishes of the moment. I love trying out new ranges and colors, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to know!

01. Nails Inc. “Baker Street”; This is one of my favorite colors ever! I purchased this forever ago from Sephora and fell in love instantly. I actually thought I lost this polish like a year ago and rediscovered it a couple of months ago. I’ve used it three times since then! I find that you can get just one application and it’s completely opaque.

02. O.P.I “That’s Hot! Pink”; I think this is a staple shade for everyone. Hot pink is such a summer color, I have it on my toes right now! I’m going to be wearing this color so many times in the next coming months. This just needs two coats to apply and you’re set to go.

03. Essie “Naughty Nautical”; I mentioned this in a previous post, and it’s another one of my favorites! It has very fine glitter in it, you really have to look closely to notice it. But turquoise is one of my absolute favorite colors and I hunted this polish down when it first came out!

04. China Glaze “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”; Just like the hot pink, a neon yellow is another summer staple! This would look great with a tan, but unfortunately that’ll never happen with me (I’m just too pale!).

05. Essie “Fiji”; This is more of a spring shade, but I also love it for summer. It’s just the perfect hint of pink, and just like the neon would look amazing with a tan!

Love, Kendal

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Fresh and Clean | My Skincare Routine


Something I struggled with for a long time was my skincare… it took me forever to figure out what products worked best for my skin type and everything like that. I have extremely oily skin, in every season, which is a very big pain. My skin is also sensitive and acne prone, I always have to be careful with trying new skincare. But around two years ago I discovered my favorite products to use, and they’re mostly from the drugstore!! I had heard a lot about the Bioré brand from numerous YouTube videos and just word of mouth (seems like everyone and their mother used their nose strips!), so I drove myself over to the drugstore and picked up some things.

In the morning, since I’m not wearing any makeup or anything, I jump straight to my face wash. I use the Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, which is a salicylic acid acne treatment. I find that this does a great job of removing any dirt that may be stuck in my pores as well as taking away any extra oil. I then follow up with the Bioré Blemish Fighting Astringent. These two products work amazingly hand in hand. I’ve felt a blemish starting to appear, and then using that in the morning and night, it’s gone!

Now, my skin can sometimes feel a little dry after using these two products, so I use a moisturizer to help it out. It is another oil fighting product, but I just use this one in the morning since I’m most likely going to be putting on makeup and doing things throughout the day. This one is from Cetaphil, and is their DermaControl Moisturizer, which SPF 30! At night, I use this one from Chanel, which I love as well. It’s their Hydra Beauty Gel Crème. Now this is a very expensive moisturizer, but I seriously only need a tiny, tiny dallop of it and my whole face is covered! It’s not extremely hydrating, in the sense that it leaves my skin feeling oily, but it just absorbs perfectly into my skin!

Now, this product may seem like a product that isn’t needed, but I was always told to start anti-aging products as early as you can. When I was with my mom at the Chanel counter months ago, it may have been even a year ago, I purchased the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux. I stopped using this for a while, but recently started using it again. This product just really makes me feel more awake and I can feel it working into my skin (is that weird?). Any who, I really like it!

What products do you use in the morning and night? I’d love to know!

Love, Kendal

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