Nature Queen Shampoo & Conditioner Review | Natural Haircare

Thank you to Nature Queen for sponsoring this post! While the products were kindly sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are (of course) my own. 

It seems that everyone is starting to promote more natural products. From skincare, makeup, essential oils, etc. a lot more people are doing what they can to stick to nature-friendly things. After reading about the benefits of these products, I knew it was time to get some for myself. So, when Nature Queen contacted me to see if I wanted to try their herbal hair care, I knew it was time!

The Nature Queen products have a lot of benefits. There are nine different herbs in their products, such as Lemongrass, Patchouli, White Mulberry, etc. All of these herbs help promote different aspects of your hair.

Our formula consists of nine different herbs that have been traditionally used by Asian women for hundreds of years to combat hair ailments including dandruff, hair loss, infection, hair thinning, oily scalp, and dry scalp. Each 16oz bottle of Nature Queen contains extracts from 10 lbs of these beneficial herbs, making it one of the most potent herbal hair care products in the market.

While the results are different for everyone, you can start to notice results after just one use! While they are small at the start, by the end of a one-month use, you can experience hair that is not only stronger but less prone to breakage. With continuous use post-one-month, you can notice your hair getting fuller and healthier after each use. If you would like to read more about the Nature Queen story, you can do so here.

When it comes to using the products, I really have noticed a difference in my hair! Typically, my hair feels dry and definitely damaged after several trips to the hairdressers and bleaching it. My ends are dry, it’s not something I hide. Typically, I had to put additional products in my hair after taking a shower to help nourish the ends. But since using these products, I have stopped using them.

I will say, there is a strong scent of these products, but it is a very natural scent. As they stated above, their bottles are one of the most potent herbal hair care products on the market, so it’s not a big surprise. These products leave your hair smelling great even after your shower, which is something I love.

And the verdict is?

I have definitely noticed a significant difference in my hair after using these products. I love that they are all natural, and kind on color-treated hair. If you are looking to introduce more natural products into your daily routine, definitely check out Nature Queen!

You can purchase their shampoo and conditioner in a travel set for $16, a full-size set for $39, or each individual product for $20 on the Nature Queen website.

Have you tried natural hair care products? I would love to hear your favorites, and if you would try the Nature Queen ones!


  1. 08.25.2017 / 1:13 pm

    I am always looking for more natural hair products to use! I will have to try them out!
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. 08.26.2017 / 11:12 am

    I haven’t used any natural shampoos or conditioners, but I’ve heard good things about them!

  3. heidi calhoun
    01.25.2018 / 12:18 am

    purchased you product a while ago, today used for the first time. absolutely love it. especially the occasional aroma i get of my own hair. will definitely reorder.