Mood Board Monday | No. 9

All photo credit to Pinterest

Happy Monday! I hope you guys all had a great weekend, and are having a great Monday so far. Apologies for no post on Friday, I was running out of ideas and didn’t want to post something that didn’t require a lot of effort! I hope you guys understand. Speaking of posting, I’m really burnt out with ideas and would love to hear if you guys have any suggestions on what I should post.

This weekend was super warm here in North Carolina! It was in the 80s basically both days and it was so nice to sit out in the warm sun and hang out with friends. It’s still crazy that I’m a little over two weeks away from graduating, it still doesn’t feel real! As of right now I still have no idea what I’m doing following graduation, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out. I have a freak out at least twice, or even three times, a week that I don’t have a job lined up yet…

I’ve really been enjoying the whole ‘monochrome’ look recently, and it’s definitely showing it in this mood board. With the addition to some pink and greens, this is a pretty monochrome board, and I’m loving it! I really want to try to build a capsule wardrobe once I’m in my own place and working. I feel like it makes everything so much easier when getting dressed and such.

This week is much less stressful than the last. I just have a presentation on Wednesday, but I think that’s about it! What do you guys have on your plate this week? As always, et me know what you think of this mood board! I hope you guys have a great Monday!