Graduation Photo Tips + Tricks

All photos were taken by Christina Casillo

Graduation is right around the corner (I promise this is one of the last posts about it!) which means that announcements will soon be being sent out (if that’s something you do). A couple weeks ago, my friends and I decided to take some photos for not only announcements, but for ourselves as well. The actual event that is graduation can be stressful, crowded and let alone emotional, so you may not be able to get all of the pictures that you want. This is a great opportunity to get those! Here are my tips and tricks for having the photo session go smoothly.

+ Don’t be afraid to be silly or ‘basic’
If your campus has signature spots around campus like mine, having a photo here is a great nostalgic thing to look back on in years to come. Also don’t be afraid to do poses that lots of other people do! As my friend Jenna says, “things are basic for a reason” so those shots that you may feel weird about taking, you’ll look back on it happy that you did them.

+ Plan out outfit ahead of time
The last thing you want to do is panic about not having something to wear. At the end of the day the choice is up to you, but I would avoid bright colors and patterns so you don’t clash with the gown that you’ll be wearing in some of the pictures.

+ Try to keep your group small
It’s hard enough getting everyone’s schedules to work out, but you don’t wait to overwhelm the photographer and yourselves with a lot of people. Five is the sweet spot if you’re wanting to do it in groups! If you have a large group, you may be justifying the quality of the picture if you’re trying to fit everyone in while keeping the backdrop you chose.

+ Have fun!
This is supposed to be a fun event, so don’t stress out about the photos being absolutely perfect. At the end of the day you’ll love them no matter what. Laugh, cry and enjoy this special time.

Have you taken any graduation pictures yet? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks also!


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  1. Jen Dafgek
    04.12.2017 / 8:55 am

    The picture of you on the sign should be in Elon’s brochure!