Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gifts can be hard to figure out… especially if the grad is moving or starting a new job. One thing that I think about when coming up with graduation gift ideas is to think of something they’ll use long-term. People may be starting a new job, moving to a new city, etc. so you want to make sure to get them something to make that transition a little easier for them.

+ Coffee Maker
Coffee is something that I need to run on. I’ve used a Keurig in the past, but I think I want to make the jump to the Nespresso machine. I am definitely going to look into getting one of these when I move into my own place. My mom has one and swears by it. One plus with the machine is you can recycle the pods, unlike the Keurig!

+ Watch
I’m someone who wears a watch every day. The plus with these is there are watch brands for every price range! You can look at Fossil, Michael Kors, Michele or even an Apple watch for the tech-savy grad. Whenever they’re running to work or on their way to a meeting, you can help them be on time.

+ Purse/Wallet
This is similar to the watch, that you can get them a bag for any price range. Maybe you want to get them a bag that will stay with them forever, like a designer bag. Or maybe a good bag to carry to and from work. My newest love is these Dagne Dover bags. They have pockets for everything you might keep in them! They have a compartment for a laptop, water bottle, iPad, notebook, etc. The company has totes, overnight bags, etc. for all different occasions. They also make slim wallets!

+ Food Subscription Box
There are a lot fo different subscriptions boxes on the market, but I’m specifically talking about food ones. Whether it’s Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, etc. your grad will thank you! I love cooking, but sometimes I find it hard to find the perfect recipe and get all of the right ingredients. The cool thing with these is you can get several meals sent to your door, all prepackaged and ready to cook! You can also save the recipe cards to save for later.

What do you plan on purchasing for the grad in your life? Or if you’re graduation, is there anything in particular that you’re asking for?


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