My Favorite Winter Nail Polishes

When it comes to winter nail polishes (for myself), the darker the better! While I do love wearing pastels and bright colors, I tend to stay away from them in the winter.

I have always done my nails at home. I actually do not enjoy getting manicures (crazy right?). I typically do my own nails every week or every other week, and it takes me maybe thirty minutes tops! I don’t do the whole buff my nails, work on any cuticles, etc. because I just simply don’t have time for that.

I have been exclusively using the KL Polish range ever since they came out! If you aren’t familiar with them, they were created by the YouTuber Kathleen Lights. What I love about the range is they are “five free” meaning they don’t have any of the harsh chemicals that some other polishes may have.

What I love about the KL brand is that their polishes have some serious staying power. That’s all I’ll say about the overall range because I do have a review if you would like to read it.

Even though I have basically every collection from the range, I definitely have some favorites depending on the season. I will also say that all of these colors just need two layers and they are completely opaque! For some, you might even be able to use just one, but I like two for good measure.

My Favorite Winter Nail Polishes

+ Cassiopeia is a gorgeous black/gray shimmer color. It’s what I currently have on my nails right now! The shimmer in it is described as “multi-dimensional” on the website (if we’re getting all official). This color is perfect for an evening out or for an event. When you first glance at it on your nails you might think it’s just a black!

+ Mozart is from their fall collection, but definitely is a must-have winter color for me, too. It’s a dusty purple shade that is definitely one I reach for when I do want a kind of bright pop of color. It’s a great color to put on your toes for this time of year!

+ Central Park is a dark green shade that, like Cassiopeia, can be mistaken for a plain black pretty easily. It is perfect for those instances where you might not want to wear a dark black color, so it’s a nice alternative. I wore this around Christmastime to avoid a bright green and it looked perfect!

+ Mindy is an absolutely gorgeous dark berry shade. I’ve worn this several times already during the winter and can’t see myself stopping! I love berry shades, especially for this time of year because they go with a lot of different outfits (does that sound weird? Tell me I’m not the only one who matches their nail polishes to their outfits!).

+ Gumption! is actually one of the first polishes that KL Polish released! I think a navy is a staple for any nail polish collection and this one is perfect!

What are you most-reached for or favorite winter nail polishes? Have you tried KL Polish before?