My Favorite Tech Glasses | Eye Buy Direct

I am someone who is always using technology. Whether it be my phone, laptop, iPad, desktop, etc. I work in front of a computer for eight-plus hours a day and then come home to watch television. Over the past couple of years, my eyes have been directly affected. I had trouble reading signs from far away, noticing people as they approached me, etc. and finally had to get glasses.

Since I started working, I knew I wanted to look into the whole digital screen protection range of lenses. I would end the day with a serious strain on my eyes, and sometimes even headaches. I didn’t want to drop a ton of money on a pair of glasses because #stillonacollegebudget, so I did some digging to find an affordable pair.

One of my coworkers had placed an order from Eye Buy Direct for the same issue and had nothing but good things to say about the pair she received.

Eye Buy Direct has a HUGE variety of different lenses, whatever your style preference is.

The glasses that I ended up ordering from Eye Buy Direct is the ‘Arcade’ style. I knew I wanted a wide pair of frames, and have minimal detail. I like the way larger frames look on my face, so I tried to base it off of the images on the website.

They even have a section on their website where you can upload a photo of yourself to see how the frames would look on your face. I think this is super important, especially if you’re trying out a new style like I was!

Regarding the overall quality of the glasses, I think they are great! I love how lightweight the frames are in addition to their simplicity. I will say that they do have a little bit of a ‘cheap’ feel when you’re holding them in your hand, but once on your face, you can’t tell at all! Does that make sense?

When I wear these while on any aspect of technology, I do notice a bit of a blue hue (which you can see better in the above photo). This also happens when I look at lights. I don’t know the proper way of describing it, but it’s like a blue dot! I assume this is from the counteracting of the blue light in the lenses because my coworker has the same thing happening!

These lenses definitely help ease any strain on my eyes throughout the day, and I feel a lot better about being on a computer all day.

My eyesight has gotten worse just over the course of the past two/three years, so I want to make sure I keep using these lenses to counteract that! When it comes to my eyesight, I want to do all of the preventative care that I can.

One thing that I like about these lenses is that you don’t need a prescription to wear them! You can get them solely for the screen protection.

Do you wear digital screen protection glasses? Or, would you?