My Everyday Makeup Routine | Winter 2018

I used to be someone who could wake up and wear a full face of makeup every. single. day. I’m talking about foundation, concealer, contour, etc. I was at a point where I would only feel confident when I was wearing this full face. But up until a couple months ago, I started embracing a more natural look and haven’t felt better about my appearance.

I’ll admit, I still love wearing a full face every now and then (the last time I did was around a month ago). But I also like to cherish my time in the morning. While I wake up early and have plenty of time to do whatever makeup look I want, I basically wear the bare minimum and save a ton of time.

Today I’m sharing with you what my everyday makeup routine is! I love seeing the process people do when they’re getting themselves ready in the morning, evening, etc.


As soon as I get up in the morning I wash my face and start doing my makeup. I swear by using a primer in the mornings. Since I have oily skin and large pores, I try to use a primer that will help combat those two things. The one I’ve been using recently is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores primer. This primer goes a very long way, so I just use the tiniest amount all over my face.

As for coverage, I stick to plain and simple concealer. For the longest time I’ve been using the Too Faced Shape Tape concealer, but I don’t have an Ulta around me so I haven’t been able to repurchase it, so instead I’ve been using my NARS Soft Matte Complete concealer which I also love! It looks extremely natural and blends beautifully into the skin. You can’t even tell you have concealer on!

For powder, I stick to a translucent one to keep my face from looking too cakey or like I’m wearing a full face. I am a huge advocate for the ‘no makeup, makeup’ looks. The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder has been a favorite for several months now, and I actually just repurchased this! It keeps my skin shine free for so long and looks super natural too.

You all probably know how pale I am, so I think it’s important to use bronzer. I go the cheap route with this one from NYC in the shade Sunny, and it’s just as good as my Hoola one from Benefit! I don’t do any crazy contouring but more of just an overall bronze! Think of the ‘3E’ technique when applying it.

If there’s any part of makeup I love switching up, it’s blush. This Blush Bazaar palette from Tarte is my go-to ever since I bought it. It has so many shades and varieties of colors that I can wear a different one every day of the week! The colors are super pigmented and blend perfectly, too.

I would say the only non-natural part of my makeup routine would be highlighter… I absolutely adore this the Fenty Beauty Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal highlighter duo. These colors are so incredibly pigmented and go the extra mile with your shimmer. I legit think you could be seen from a mile away when wearing this. You SHINE!


As you can probably imagine, I keep my eyes pretty natural. I’ve stopped wearing eyeshadow and save it for special events, so I skip that step altogether. Most of the time I just put a little extra concealer and powder over my lids and voila!

I do take my lashes and eyebrows very seriously, though. For the eyebrows I use my NYX tinted brow mascara in the shade blonde. I like to keep my brows clean bit tinted and this is the perfect product for that! I was previously using my Glossier Boy Brow but unfortunately ran out and haven’t gotten around to repurchasing it.

I have tried so many mascaras throughout my time. My all-time favorite is the Benefit Roller Lash! I’m someone who likes more of a long-lashed look and it definitely has to keep a curl. I have very straight lashes and this mascara does the trick perfectly! I also love the wand, it’s simple yet gets the job done.

Do you have a go-to makeup look? I would love to hear your favorite products and tips!

  • IT Cosmetics & tarte are two of my favorite brands! I’ve used the Roller Lash mascara because a lot of my friends are also big fans, but I didn’t love it on me…I’ve been using tarte’s Lash Paint, and wanna try their Gifted Amazonian clay mascara, too!

    • I’ve never heard of the lash paint! I love tarte products, I’ll definitely have to check it out šŸ™‚

  • Oh that blush palette is a dream! The shades are all so gorgeous!

    • Thank you! I absolutely love it šŸ™‚