I am a semi-blond now and am trying my best to keep my hair from becoming brassy. I’ve tried several purple shampoos during my hair journey, and today I’m sharing my holy grail one! (Bonus points for it being drugstore!)

I will admit that I like the super bright, platinum blond hair. Even though I have a more balyaged hair color, I like to use a purple shampoo at least once a week to make sure it’s the exact color that I like. On days when I don’t use a purple shampoo, I use the Nature Queen Herbal duo.

My holy grail purple shampoo is by Clairol in their ‘Shimmer Lights’ range, which I purchased through Amazon. The duo costs only $16 in total, which I think is awesome for a set especially if I’m using it once a week.

When I’m in the shower, I leave this on for anywhere from three to five minutes for a deep tone. I will get some parts of my hair that are a little more purple, but I have no problem with it! I also really like the scent of them. I don’t know how I can properly describe it but it’s definitely not super strong.

Because this is a set, I thought I would briefly touch on the conditioner. I will admit,  I don’t notice a huge significance with it. Maybe it’s because I use the two together so I imagine most of the toning comes from the shampoo, but I do enjoy using it alongside the matching shampoo. It doesn’t do the best job of moisturizing or detangling my hair, but I really don’t have any major complaints about it.

Do you use a purple shampoo or set? If so, which one is your favorite?


Growing up in Florida, I have definitely had my fair share of the amusements parks. From Disney World to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, I have had season passes to all of them. Tomorrow I’m actually going down to Tampa and visiting Busch Gardens. I haven’t been since high school, so I am really looking forward to it. I’ll try to post some pictures and such to my Instagram, so make sure to follow! (Shameless self-promo)

I like to think I have my theme park necessities down. There are five items that I must-have with me. Whenever I leave for the park I double and triple check to make sure I have them all, because there’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot something.

+ Some type of crossbody bag, or fanny pack

I have absolutely no shame, I will wear a fanny pack to a theme park. I got this one from Urban Outfitters and I am obsessed with it. It’s so easy to throw all of your things into it and go. The best part of it is that you don’t have to get a locker! You can leave it on you and sit against it while on the rides.

+ Bandaids

I always try to wear comfortable sneakers, but you never know when a blister may come on. I make sure to carry several Bandaids for myself as well as the people I’m with. I’ve been that person who’s gotten a blister and wasn’t prepared, and don’t want to pay extra for them.

+ Sunscreen

It’s no secret that I am an extremely pale person. I also sunburn very easily. I make sure to carry at least one form of sunscreen with me. Normally I’ll bring a cream like this for my face, and a small bottle of spray sunscreen for my body. I make sure to reapply as many times as I can throughout the day because I’m sweating like crazy in the Florida heat and humidity (apologies if that’s TMI).

+ Portable charger

When I’m at the parks, the last thing I want is for my phone to die. I normally take a picture of where I park, as well as plenty of pictures at the park itself. You can even use it for wait times! I make sure my portable charger is completely charged before I leave because you don’t want to have any emergencies come up!

+ Sunglasses (or hat)

I tend to wear huge sunglasses during my days at the park. That, or a hat. It really depends on the mood that I’m in that morning. These really help keep the harsh sun out of your eyes! This one is pretty self-explanatory…

Of course, I also keep a small card holder and such with me too, but I thought those were pretty standard.

What are your theme park necessities?


Whenever it’s a new season, I put together a list of the trends I want to try out. Now, I’m normally someone who sticks to wearing neutral looks (basically all black everything). But, with this fall in full swing (not yet in Florida), I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and try out some new looks.

I’ve been loving seeing fall outfits on my Instagram feed, and I’ve even started a collection of outfits that I would like to try to recreate. This is one of my favorite ways to find inspiration! I’m always saving different images for these collections, and I highly recommend it!

As you can see from my saved collection, there are a lot of neutrals with some pops of color. I really want to try and create a capsule wardrobe for the different seasons, and I think seeing what other people are wearing definitely helps me get a better idea of items that I would wear more often!

My Fall Fashion Wishlist

+ Camo Jacket

The first item on my wishlist is a camouflage printed jacket. This one is from J.Crew, and it looks like the perfect addition to a neutral outfit. You can wear it with an all-white outfit, or all-black. This trend has been around for several months now, and I have always been wanting to try it! Now, I know there are many companies besides J.Crew that makes these kinds of jackets, so I might look into one of those options rather than splurging on this one. You never know how long this trend will be around for!




+ Green Field Jacket

This jacket is a staple for many people. I’ve seen so many people wearing them during my time at school and fell in love with them. Every time I’m in a J.Crew store, I can’t help but go right towards them and *almost* take the plunge. But since I live in Florida at the moment, I don’t want to purchase it… it’s just not cold enough! This is something that I know I would wear because I have an army green puffy jacket that I wore all the time in the winter. Hopefully, I’ll be bringing this jacket into my wardrobe soon!




+ Plaid Semi-Flared Pants

I am in love with the plaid trend for fall! I’ve seen so many people wearing them in the form of skirts, blazers, etc. and these pants from Urban Outfitters are perfect! I like how they are a little flared, UO calls them “Kick Flare” so you can wear Chelsea boots with them. I can definitely see myself wearing these with a black sweater or turtleneck. The good thing about these is they aren’t super expensive! They’re less than $40 which I don’t think is bad at all!




+ Brown Crossbody Bag

This might be hard to believe, but I don’t have a brown crossbody bag. I have a brown tote and satchel, but no crossbody. I’ve been finding myself wishing I did more recently, especially with some neutral looks. It’s no secret that Madewell bags are some of the best! They are on the pricier side, but they are also very durable and timeless. I don’t need a huge crossbody, as I’ll be using it for my regular day-to-day items.




+ Maroon Sweater Dress

Maroon is one of my favorite colors during the fall and winter season. I’ve seen so many people wearing sweater dresses, and I want to try them out for myself! I love the look of them paired with over-the-knee boots, and I have a black pair from Stuart Weitzman that I wore all the time last season. Now, I know this isn’t exactly a winter look, but I think it’s perfect for fall and you can always wear some tights under them!





What items are on your fall fashion wishlist or items you’ve purchased for the fall and winter?




One thing that I’ve really been devoted to working on is my self care. Before school, I wasn’t much of someone who practiced it regularly. But since graduating, I’ve been really doing my best to not forget about it because overall happiness can definitely reflect on your practice of self care (I think).

Now, I don’t consider myself to be a self care expert, but I do my best to try to better myself during the week. I try to donate anywhere from ten minutes, to thirty minutes all the way to an hour or more a day doing something for myself. Since I’ve been doing that, I’ve found myself to be a lot happier and more productive. Here are the five things I do for better self care!

+ Step up the skincare

I have a very strict skincare routine that I follow now. Doing face masks is something that I love, and makes me feel a little more pampered. Whenever I’m having a rough day, I try to do a mask! My skin tends to freak out a bit when I’m stressed and may break out, so it’s even better for my skin to treat it accordingly. I’m currently using this Mario Badescu whitening mask and like to mix in a bit of tea tree oil for blemishes!

+ Exercise

This may sound crazy, but I don’t hate running. I use the ‘Couch to 5k’ app and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I don’t have a gym relatively close to where I live at the moment, so running has been my go-to form of exercise. Whenever I run, I find that it really helps clear my head and get a bit of adrenaline running. Right now I’m only doing around three miles everytime I go out, but I want to try to bump it up in the future.


+ Meditate

Meditating is something I’ve been doing on and off, but definitely, want to do it more often. I use the app Headspace. I do my best to do this either in the morning or at night. Starting, or ending, the day by meditating can really set the mood for the day, or help you fall asleep. I think I prefer doing it in the morning since I feel a lot more motivated and relaxed. Also, in today’s environment, with everything that has been going on, I find that meditating really helps with my anxiety.

+ Reading

If you guys didn’t know, I’m currently reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. I’m on the fifth right now and trying my best to finish all of them by the end of the month! I do most of my reading before bed, but if I have a show that I want to watch at night then I’ll try to read during the day. Reading really relaxes me, and I’ve always loved it because it’s like a movie in your head! I’m always open to book suggestions, so leave them below!

+ Disconnect

This is something that I am trying to do… whether it’s while watching a movie, television show, etc. I’m trying to disconnect for at least half an hour, or even more, during the week. Social media can make people feel anxious, compare themselves to others, etc. and taking the time to disconnect can really do you mind some good. I will admit that I have a social media addiction. I am constantly scrolling through Twitter or liking images on Instagram. I want to make the next move and try to disconnect at least one time a week.

What do you guys do to better your self care?



Another month has come and gone. Can you guys believe it’s October? I honestly don’t know where this year has gone. Gone are the summer months, and now we’re all enjoying our pumpkin bread, apple picking, and everything that fall entails. As for me, Florida is still as hot as summer so those have all been put on hold. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some cold weather is coming our way!

I know I said this last month, but this time I’m getting my life together. If you all haven’t noticed, the blog got a redesign last month, and I’m making the graphics for my posts different! I’m really dedicating a lot of time to the blog and I want it to look amazing! At the end of the day, this is my personal ‘brand’ and I want it to look as awesome as I can.

Without further ado, here are my goals for the month!

+ Create a media kit

After seeing Abigail’s post about media kits I’ve been wanting to create one for myself. I’m starting to get more collaboration opportunities and want to (possibly) start pitching myself to brands, but can’t-do so without a media kit! I’ve been brushing up on my Illustrator and InDesign skills so hopefully, I’ll be sharing my own media kit with you all by the end of the month!

+ Finish the Harry Potter books

During September, I took the plunge and started the Harry Potter series. This past weekend I finished the fourth book, and I want to try and finish the series by the end of the month. I knew the books would be better, but I never imagined them being this amazing! I find myself reading until late into the night and don’t want to put them down. I’m trying my best to read one a week, and have been successful thus far, so fingers crossed!

+ Clean out closets, dresser, etc. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t done a closet clearout in forever. I used to do it every year after coming home from school but haven’t done one in at least two years. Now that I’m finally about to make a move to start a career, I think it is finally time to do a big purge. I’ve been wanting to create a capsule wardrobe, so if you guys have any insight or recommendations for capsule wardrobes, leave them here!

What are your goals for the month of October? Let’s conquer this month and new season together!